Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Anniversary Susquehanna!

Happy Anniversary Susquehanna!

One year ago today, Lynn and I officially began our service to Susquehanna University. It has been a joy-filled adventure. Recently, I was asked what my five best surprises were. Good news is hard to rank, but here are five especially memorable things we celebrated during the past year.

1.      Move-In Day: It is impossible to convey the esprit de corps, joie de vivre, and all the other French complimentary phrases that apply to Move-In Day. Hundreds of students and staff and over 70 townspeople welcomed new students to campus. The pep band played at various locations; high fives and cheers were exchanged rapid-fire all morning; and, in a matter of hours, over six hundred new members of the Susquehanna community had their belongings delivered to their residence-hall rooms on campus.
2.     One SU: We set an ambitious goal to have 1000 alumni, students, parents, and friends of the University make a donation on 1 March. Before noon, that goal was fading in the rear-view mirror. Susquehannans showed their mettle with 2270 d0nors in one day. It was a great tribute to the commitment so many of us have for SU.
3.     ADDYs: The American Advertising Awards provide collegiate prizes in a competition between design students throughout Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. This year, Susquehanna students won 26 of the 38 prizes. Yes, 26 of 38! When I asked why we didn’t make a big deal of it, I was told, “We do it every year.” Well, we’re going to have to make a big deal about that.
4.     Service: Achieve, Lead, Serve is our motto, but we continue to be impressed by the degree to which service is a fundamental part of the fiber of the University. We participated in SU Give during orientation and SU Serve during the Spring, and we witnessed hundreds of students, faculty, and staff providing service to the community throughout the year. The campus generated well over 50,000 hours of service, and thousands of alumni spread their SU spirit around the globe this year by undertaking service projects in over 800 communities world-wide.
5.     Staff Support: I have spent my entire adult life on college campuses as a student, faculty member, and administrator. The commitment of our faculty and staff to the success of our students is without parallel. Housekeepers, gardeners, coaches, professors, counselors, carpenters, trustees, and professional staff all hold our students at the center of their work to an extent I have not experienced before. Susquehanna is a community deeply committed to transforming our students’ lives for the better.

How lucky we are to be a part of this great place. Happy Anniversary!


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