Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hazing Prevention Week

Hazing Prevention Week

This year’s National Hazing Prevention Week was 18-22 September. At Susquehanna University, we extended our programming through 25 September, which is a sign of how seriously we take this issue.

This past year, there have been numerous national stories of horrific acts of hazing by campus social organizations, Greek societies, and athletic teams. Some have resulted in serious injury and death; all have been hurtful and contrary to the missions of our institutions.

“At Susquehanna University, we believe that students should not be demeaned or exposed to harm when pursuing involvement in campus life.” To this end my colleagues and students have been presenting an inspiring series of educational events:

·      Inter-fraternity Council and Panhellenic Life organized an Anti-Hazing Pledge Signing entitled, “These Hands Don’t Haze,” and they sponsored a field day of fun activities.
·      Barbara Johnson, our Title IX coördinator presented a bystander intervention workshop.
·      SAC, SGA, and BSU presented Ken Nwadike: The Free Hugs Project.
·      Counseling and Health Services provided a “Healthy You” resource fair.
·      Our students produced a fundraiser for the Timothy Piazza Memorial Foundation. Timothy’s parents also presented a program for our students.
·      The closing event will be tomorrow evening when Inter-fraternity Council and Panhellenic Life show the film, The Hunting Ground followed by a discussion.

As many of you know, our home, Pine Lawn, is at one end of the row of beautiful houses Susquehanna owns along University Avenue. The others are occupied by the Chaplain, the Director of Counseling Services, Hillel, the Sustainability House, and about a dozen fraternities and sororities. These Greek organizations have been proactive and conspicuous in their support of this work. I am proud of these student for their work as advocates and peer educators as we all strive to erase hazing.


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